CNA Classes in Michigan

The popularity of CNA as a career has not been hidden by anyone. I am here to provide a good news for people who are searching for CNA training in Michigan. You are in the right place and right page. You can instead be a licensed Certified Nursing Assistant in Michigan and get a valuable life rather than searching for a worth paying job here and there. In this page you will find complete information regarding CNA schools in Michigan, what type of CNA classes are running out there, time frame for completion of your training, salary, career aspects and many more.

Qualification you have to possess for any CAN Training in Michigan:

  • You should be at least 18 years or above
  • You should have completed your diploma course or Equivalent GED from any ground schools.
  • You should have no any criminal history or records.
  • Fluency in speaking, reading and writing English
  • Some colleges also seek for SAT scores.
  • Medical records and vaccination proofs against some serious issues such as tuberculosis.

Main points to be considered before you enroll into any CNA Training in Michigan:

With the increasing popularity, the institutions that offering CNA training programs are blooming like mushrooms. So, it becomes a little tedious task to choose a repudiated organization. Always go for an accredited colleges or universities. This will help you in our future when you will apply for a license or job.

Look for the National League of Nursing Accredited Commission (NLNAC) accreditation. You can also get enroll into any institutions if they are recognized by the US department of education

Time frame for CNA training in Michigan:

There is no such thing as time limit if you are choosing to take any CNA classes in this state. It wholly depends upon your catching ability, hard work, talents and how fast you learn things. The training classes mainly rum from 4 weeks to 7 weeks.

Some colleges offering CNA training programs in Michigan:

Till now there are 45 public and 65 private institutions that are offering such programs in Michigan State.

Community colleges:

There are 28 community colleges in the state offering such type of degree. You can contact a nearby community college for further information.   You can also check if the place is suitable for you, how far the location from the place is you reside, do they offer any night classes or any online classes, and what is the flexibility offered by their courses

Nursing Homes and hospitals:

In spite of Community colleges many other nursing homes and hospitals also run this type of program for the sole purpose of providing quality education in an affordable rate.

Specialized institutions:

They are the dedicated organizations that are established just to offer CNA training programs. They are not involved in any other activities besides this.


What are taught during your classes?

Now let’s talk about the course of study. It mainly includes:

  • ·         Basic anatomy and physiology
  • ·         Medical ethics
  • ·         Basic science
  • ·         Medical terminology
  • ·         Infection control
  • ·         Health and population
  • ·         Interpersonal skills and many more

Job description of a nursing assistant in Michigan:

The job descriptions are the same as any other Nursing assistant.  Being a CNA in Michigan your main motive should be serving the patients and ill persons in this state. The job description includes

  • · Providing care to the patients
  • ·Making sure that the ill & sick ones in the hospitals and clinics are getting necessary treatment with comfort.
  • Acting as a communicating bridge between nurses/doctors and patients.

Salary Figure of CNA’s in Michigan:

As per the survey made in 2011 the average earning for any nurse assistant in Michigan is about $27,000 per annum. And with hard work, dedication, qualification and experiences your salary figure can rise to more than $35,000.

Michigan, a state full of energy and liveliness requires a lot of quality health workers and will in-need always. Consistency, Vivacity and quality are the main features of CNATraining in Michigan.

Some list of CNA’s colleges and universities:

. The following are the list of community colleges providing nursing aid training in Michigan State.

The following are the list of such type of faculties providing nursing aid training in Michigan State.

  • Northwest Continuing Career Center (Detroit)
  • Lake Orion Nursing Center (Lake Orion)
  • Autumn Woods Residential Health Care Facility (Warren)
  • Lakeland Center (Southland)