Different Nursing Programs Explained

The profession of nursing has been long in to demand. It is a profession that demands for a person’s dedication to his job to deliver his services to the human kind so as to reduce their pain and agony caused by any form of sickness or disease. If you are prepared to perform such duties then you will need to get a degree in nursing. Nursing is not just constrained to serving the health of the people suffering from disease but a nurse has several other roles like handling the administration, keeping the records of the patients, maintenance of the machines, etc. To become a registered nurse you will have to complete a bachelor’s degree in nursing or acquire a diploma or associate degree. Along with your degree you will have to gain a clinical experience and have to clear the state board exams to register yourself as a nurse.

After becoming a registered nurse you will be supervising the LPN’s (licensed practical nurses), nursing assistants and orderlies. The registered nurse also has to make decisions and take direct care of the ill, injured and even the healthy people. A registered nurse also has to provide psychological, technical and scientific knowledge in the care of families and patients in different healthy care setting. You can promote yourself to an advanced practice nurses with increment in your knowledge, skill and practice. You will also have to gain an advanced degree in nursing and will have to acquire higher qualifications as nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, certified registered nurse anesthetists or clinical nurse specialists , perform main health care functions, deliver mental health care facilities , prescribe and diagnose, perform research and teach nurses and medical professionals. Therefore, you can choose among the variety of career options available in the field of nursing itself. From junior nurses you can easily promote yourself to a higher level by increasing the amount of experience you have and acquiring major skills. Another thing that you need to know and learn in order to gain a degree in nursing is learning the right way to use the equipments. It is the most important part of the nursing profession. Various machines in the hospital have to be used accurately in order to diagnose the disease and perform the necessary cure.

In order to get the degree in nursing in US you must get one of the following degrees:

*Associate of science in Nursing: It is a 2-3 years of degree that lays more emphasis on clinical skills and knowledge.

* Diploma in nursing: it is also a three year course that is a hospital based nursing.

* Bachelor of Science in nursing: the course is of 4-5 years that further gets you a BN/BSN degree emphasizing on research, leadership and clinical practice.

There are several professional colleges and universities from where you can gain a degree in nursing. The degree can also be earned online but the main thing that matters is the kind of practice you get. Before choosing any nursing college you must pay attention towards the reputation and education procedure of the college. The college from which you have gained degree really matters in getting you a high paying job.